Ecology & Labor safety

During the whole period of existence of VNBK, Co, we have conducted practical trainings for students of higher educational establishments, colleges, and municipal lyceum. Many of them after graduation continued their labor activity at our enterprise. For past three years we have supported assistance program for young employees also known as “Intern”. In accordance with this program our enterprise has purchased 15 apartments for our interns in Raduzhny.

VNBK, Co offers its employees a full set of social guarantees in compliance with Russian legislation and collective agreement. Our Company hires its employees throughout the whole Russian Federation and CIS countries.

All the elements and aspects of provision in industrial safety for Company’s general directions are concentrated on constant and regular inspections, which are executed by Production Control Service.

Well-drilling is accompanied with inevitable anthropogenic impact on the environment. Our experts minimize negative environmental impact by application of innovative technologies, modern equipment and purifying devices:


  • Our Company has established an Environmental Safety Commission.
  • Base mud composition include low-toxic, low-hazard chemical agents;
  • Application of “Derrik” fourstage purification system with use of  vibrating screens, hydraulic cyclones, desilters and centrifuges;
  • In case of raised environmental protection standards a closed cycle system is applied

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