Areas of expertise
Areas of expertise:
  • all-purpose well drilling and mounting
  • well development
  • derrick building works
  • pre-commissioning works
  • production maintenance of wells and well-workover operation

Our boring masters, foremen of well starting, well reconditioning, well workover teams, and foremen of rig-building teams have possessed numerous titles of honors and rewards, such as “Honored workers of gas-and-oil industry of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area”. Our masters have possessed an extensive experience of well construction in the most difficult drilling conditions. General composition of our teams stays constant from date of establishment of VNBK, Co.


  • Construction of horizontal and deviated wells is performed with the implementation of highly-durable boring cutters and downhole motors which allow an increased rate of well development with a high quality of performance.
  • Time-frame for drilling rig-up is reduced to 25 days. All the works are executed by highly qualified rig-construction teams
  • All the works are executed with the implementation of advanced technologies and equipment which allow reducing well building time.
  • Modern methods of construction, implementation of ecologically harmless materials, and technologies of drilling waste utilization allow, prevent, or minimize the negative influence of construction works on the environment.

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