About us

Company owns:


  • The seven drilling rigs “Uralmash 3000 EUK” which are equipped with the 4-speed cleaning system of the “Derrik” company.
  • The five hoisting units “IAN – 60/80”.
  • The metalworking shop.
  • The derricks-assembly shop.
  • The drilling rig “Uralmash 3D-76” for the exploitative and exploration wells drilling.
  • The kit of the special equipment for the cementation of the exploitative well's columns of all purposes.
  • The kit of the special equipment for the sludge’s removal (in the without-barns drilling).
  • The supersize appliances for the delivery of the material and technical resources (pipes, cement, etc.)
  • The kit of the special equipment for the wells workover.



Turn-key drilling


Areas of expertise:


  • all-purpose well drilling and mounting
  • well development
  • derrick building works
  • pre-commissioning works
  • production maintenance of wells and well-workover operation


Our boring masters, foremen of well starting, well reconditioning, well workover teams, and foremen of rig-building teams have possessed numerous titles of honors and rewards, such as “Honored workers of gas-and-oil industry of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area”. Our masters have possessed an extensive experience of well construction in the most difficult drilling conditions. General composition of our teams stays constant from date of establishment of VNBK, Co.


  • Construction of horizontal and deviated wells is performed with the implementation of highly-durable boring cutters and downhole motors which allow an increased rate of well development with a high quality of performance.
  • Time-frame for drilling rig-up is reduced to 25 days. All the works are executed by highly qualified rig-construction teams
  • All the works are executed with the implementation of advanced technologies and equipment which allow reducing well building time.
  • Modern methods of construction, implementation of ecologically harmless materials, and technologies of drilling waste utilization allow, prevent, or minimize the negative influence of construction works on the environment.



Well workover


Areas of expertise:


  • Drilling out of cement plugs in casings of diameter 146-168 (5-6 in.);
  • Setting and pulling of oil-well tubing and drill pipes, irrigation of a drill holes;
  • Installation of production equipment at well head;
  • Execution of drilling operations;
  • Carrying out repairs and works to eliminate accidents

Organizational framework of VNBK, Co:

  • Management personnel
  • Department of well-drilling and well development
  • Construction department
  • Production service department
  • Transport department (including special machinery for well сementing)
  • Other service facilities

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